Symptoms And Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is otherwise known as impotence in layman terms. It is the inability to keep an erection during sex. The trouble with erection can happen sometimes, but if it is a regular affair, it can lead to complications in a relationship. Moreover, it can lead to stress and lack of self-confidence. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to, and it can also lead to heart disease if not treated at the earliest. When you face this problem, it is essential to talk to your doctor putting your embarrassment aside. Identify the underlying condition and treat it and you can get rid of erectile dysfunction problems. erectile dysfunction treatment may include medicines or direct treatment. This review speaks about symptoms and treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms include:
Difficulty in getting an erection
Hard to keep an erection
Poor sexual desire

Time for a doctor visit
Men who have erectile dysfunction have to visit a doctor sooner. You can start with your family doctor if you are feeling embarrassed. If you experience any of the below symptoms, it is essential to visit a doctor.
Erection concerns are leading to sexual issues like delayed or premature ejaculation.
Heart disease, diabetes or other health condition related to erectile dysfunction
Other symptoms parallel to erectile dysfunction.

Sexual arousal in the male is interlinked with many other processes like hormones, brain, muscles, emotions, blood vessels and nerves. Any of these can lead to the condition. The condition can be worsened due to mental disorder and stress. The combination of psychological and physical issues can also lead to the condition. A physical condition can lead to poor sexual response and can cause anxiety in maintaining an erection.

Physical causes include heart disease, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Metabolic Syndrome, smoking, multiple sclerosis, medications, insomnia, alcoholism, Peyronie’s disease, surgeries, injuries in the pelvic area and treatment for enlarged prostate and cancer.

Psychological causes
Brain triggers a sequence of physical events that leads to erection giving you sexual excitement. Many causes interfere with sexual feelings, and this can lead to erectile dysfunction. Some of the psychological causes include:
Depression, mental health condition, and anxiety
Relationship issues and poor communication.

The risk factors include longer time to develop erections and unable to keep firm.
Medical condition like heart condition and diabetes
Tobacco use leads to restricted blood circulation and can lead to a poor health condition
Medical treatment like radiation for cancer and prostate surgery
Injuries leading to nerve damage or arteries controlling erections
Medications like high blood pressure, prostate conditions, antihistamines or antidepressants.
Psychological conditions like depression, stress or anxiety
Alcohol or drug addiction over a longer period

Complications that results due to erectile dysfunction includes:
Poor sex life
Low self-esteem
Relationship issues
Inability to father a child

Prevention includes
Managing diabetes
Quit smoking and alcohol
Reduce stress
Treat depression

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